We offer a variety of services to choose from:

  • Full Service Turnkey Zip Line Design, Installation, Staff Training and Equipment Outfitting
    • Site Visits
    • Structure and Ride Design
    • Engineering
    • Certified Installers
    • Certified Staff Trainers
    • Industry Approved and Strength Rated Equipment
  • Zip Line Brake System Design and Installation
    • Analysis of Existing Zip Line
    • Design and Engineering of Zip Brake System
    • Installation of Zip Brake System
    • Staff Training and Certification on Operation of Brake System
  • Zip Line Brake System Consulting
    • On Site Consultation
    • Phone / Web Consulting
    • Equipment Sales
  • Zip Line Inspection Services
    • National Amusement Ride Safety Officer (NAARSO) Certified Inspectors
    • Hands On Inspections of all components
    • Initial Report provided prior to leaving site
    • Official Typed Report and Certificate (if complaint with ACCT and/or ASTM Standards) within 14 Days.
    • Capabilities to Provide:
      • load testing of cable systems and structures
      • proof testing of individual components
      • Can Provide Cable Tension Tests and Readings
      • Torque all Bolts to Proper Specifications 
      • State Approved Amusement Inspections in 18 states (not all states currently Regulate Zip Lines as Amusements)
  • Zip Line Maintenance
    • Scheduled with Inspection Services
    • Scheduled as a Stand Alone Service
    • We employ:
      • Qualified Designers
      • Licensed Engineering for all 50 States
      • Certified Riggers
      • Carpenters
      • Welders
      • Certified Trainers
  • Zip Line Staff Training
    • ESI Staff  are Certified Trainers
    • All Staff  Backgrounds and Experience Exceed Minimum Industry Standard's for Trainers
  • Zip Line Staff /Guide Certification
    • ESI Staff  are Certified Testers
    • All Staff  Backgrounds and Experience Exceed Minimum Industry Standards for Testers
  • Program Audits
  • Accident Investigations

We will work with your organization to develop a service package that is right for you based on an individual needs assessment.

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