June 2011 News on Product Development and Beta Testing

June 2011

After much R& D, time on the test bed and analysis of data (not to mention a few volcano eruptions to disrupt the flow of business in New Zealand) beta test units were sent out to the field to a handful of carefully monitored zip line installations with the US and New Zealand.

These  closely monitored installations by a select few accredited vendors, were at locations that the manufacturers/distributors had the ability to monitor closely by virtue of location and/or direct operation of the facility.  .

Staff were trained and field data was collected and funneled back to Holmes Solutions and to the team of individuals and companies involved in the development of the ZIp Stop.

As a result of the Beta testing a few additional changes were made to the design. Specifically the drum spring was made stronger to allow the brake to reset itself under the weight of wet rope and webbing from when the units were exposed to the environment. The feedback loop continued (still continues)between testers and Holmes Solutions to develop an even better product for the zipline industry.