Product Specifications

Product Specifications


The zipSTOP Brake Assembly is a controlled braking force device designed specifically for use in the zip line industry as a Primary or Emergency braking device at the end of zip line runs.  The zipSTOP caters to a range of rider weights and approach speeds, and offers a smooth, consistent braking force for all riders.

The design of the zipSTOP allows for simple installation, and incorporates both an advanced self-regulating brake unit and an automatic line reset. The patented braking mechanism delivers smooth deceleration and is designed to minimize variations in deceleration rate and stopping distance of both children and adults. There are no friction parts in the brake mechanism, ensuring reliability remains high while maintenance and operating costs are kept to a minimum.

Installation, inspection, operation and maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the instructions in this manual to protect the longevity of the zipSTOP components. 3.2 zipSTOP Brake Unit.

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