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Product News February 2011

  • February, 2011

    • Eldorado Climbing Walls President John McGowan and Holmes Solutions Representatives join Experiential Systems at our booth at the ACCT Annual Conference - introducing the Zip Stop to the market for the first time. The industry was abuzz and excited about the Zip Stop. While not available for purchase yet, we were able to show the industry the concept via drawings, photos and videos of it in use; provided videos and data regarding the testing completed at Holmes Solutions ISO Accredited Testing Facility. Manufacturers already familiar with the TruBlue immediately recognized the potential for how it could decrease their installation timelines and protect their customers for an extremely reasonable cost (estimated at that time to be about $3,600.00).
    • During this conference several other TruBlue distributors, specifically Challenges Unlimited out of Canada and Bonsai Designs out of Colorado actively joined in the discussions and development of the Zip Stop by offering suggestions based on their experience using the product on climbing walls as well as their needs as manufacturers of zip lines, canopy tours and aerial adventure parks. A larger pool of leading industry resources came together and modifications to the zip stop unit that would make it better for the end user, such as: the development of a stronger drum spring for a more aggressive retraction resulting in a brake that would automatically re-set itself; the need for more durable springs on the rotor arms to absorb the impact forces from people traveling at faster speeds, and a complete re-development of brake trolley with rubber bumper and sleek design to name a few.
    • Holmes Solutions and Eldorado began to implement the feedback into their testing and eventually into prototypes and then beta units. Chris and the Team at Holmes Solutions are a great manufacturing partner and resource.  While the implementation of the changes and time required to test them pushed the release date on the unit back six plus month - everyone agreed it would be worth it.

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