Product Specifications

Brake System Parts

Parts Supplied with the ZipStop Unit



Additional Parts Required


Additional lines and equipment will be required to successfully install a zipSTOP Brake Assembly within individual zip line installations. All hardware, fasteners and accessories used in the installation of zipSTOP must meet or exceed the required loads and specifications, and are of materials compatible with all-season outdoor use.  DO NOT BUY CONNECTORS, ROPE AND PULLEYS AT A HARDWARE STORE - ALL EQUIPMENT MUST  BE LIFELINE RATED AND APPROVED FOR SUCH USE.


    Reduction Pulleys


The following parts are not supplied as part of the zipSTOP kit and should be purchased separately and directly from your zipSTOP distributor. The Type I Pulley is fitted to the Secondary Anchor Point, and provides both support and a means of redirection for the Reduction Line. The Type I Pulley is required for both 1:1 and 2:1 Reduction Ratio setups. A Type II Pulley is fitted between the zipSTOP Brake Unit and the Type I Pulley as required to provide support and redirection for the Reduction Line and connections to the Braking Line. The Type II Pulley is only required on the 2;1 Reduction Ratio set-ups.

Reduction Line

The Reduction Line is required to connect the zipSTOP Brake Unit to the Brake Trolley and will transfer the braking force from the Brake Unit. The Reduction Line passes through the redirection pulleys and must meet minimum specification.




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