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ZipSTOP Self Regulating Magnetic Brake

The ZipSTOP zip line brake uses a self regulating, eddy current, magnetic braking technology to slow down zip line riders in a controlled and comfortable manner.  Our system provides the ability to stop participants at higher speeds and velocities, than other zip line equipment brakes currently available on the market.

The ZipSTOP brake fills a critical industry need for: designers, engineers, builders, installers, inspectors and operators. This product slows rider speed on the last 20' to 40' of the zip line, and bring them to a comfortable and reliable speed of 1 foot per second as they reach the platform. 

Key benefits of the Zip Line Brake include:

Eddy Current Technology
The zip rake uses the same magnetic eddy current technology used to lower climbers found in the TRUBLUE Auto-Belay.  With this advanced braking technology, the rider resistance is automatically adjusted within the brake to match the weight and speed of the rider. The integrated magnetics provide a smooth and comfortable rider deceleration. The product is currently unparalleled within the industry for both operation and affordability.

Accommodates Variable Rider Weights and Speeds
The ZipStop allows for use with a wide range of participants: weights, heights, speeds, masses and velocities. These features allows for incredible flexibility in design, installation and operation of zip line rides and varieties of zip line equipment (harnesses, trolleys, lanyards, etc,) used by participants or riders.

Low Operational Cost
This low maintenance product virtually eliminates the needs for the participant (or rider)to have an active role in slowing themselves down and significantly reduces staff involvement in stopping the zip line rider as well.  The ZipStop product is a High-Tech and Low-Touch solution that can be easily installed on new projects or installed onto an existing zip line cable system for a more reliable participant experience with less staff and participant intervention (i.e. hand braking, staff holding ropes, etc.).

Automatic System Regulation
The Zip line braking system is designed to automatically reset after each zip line rider exits the ride. The unit automatically resets when installed in a 1:1 system however, some staff assistance is required to reset the system if a 2:1 reduction system is used. The product can be used on a single line or multiple segments of a canopy tour, ropes course or aerial adventure park element, minimizing the needs for participant or staff involvement and providing a faster Return on Investment (ROI) to the owner.

Low Maintenance Costs
With minimal parts, replacement and an annual re-certification and maintenance fee of only $199.00, the Zip Stop has a low cost of ownership and operation. Daily and monthly maintenance inspections are quick and easy to perform.

Environmentally Stable
The ZipStop can be installed in any indoor or outdoor environment. When installed outside it can withstand the elements (rain, wind, snow, etc.) and maintain it's functionality.  The brake system operates consistently in almost any condition, eliminating the need to stop operations due to wind, rain or snow, like other zip line braking systems on the market that require stopping or closing the ride.

For information on Zip Line Inspections please click here or contact Experiential Systems, Inc at (877)206-8967- An Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Peer Reviewed and Accredited provider of design, construction, installation, inspection, repairs, equipment sales, staff training and consultation. Our ride inspectors are certified by the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officers (NAARSO) and our staff have provided the training for state regulators on inspecting this technology and the ASTM International standards at their annual conference.

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